Alfa Kondory Introduction

ALFAKONDORI Machine Manufacturing Company is an Iranian leading company in ice cream machine manufacturing industry. The products of our Company can produce ice cream in different amounts, i.e. more than 20,000 ice creams per hour, and with highest speed.
The success of our company is indebted to more than three decades of activity in this industry and the mutual trust of the customers in our Company as well as our commitment to provide high quality products and services to more than 200 well-known foreign and domestic producers.
Our Quality Policy

  1. Increase in the quality of manufactured products
  2. Customer satisfaction and trust
  3. Access to new foreign and domestic markets


Research and development (R&D) programs, use of modern and efficient technologies, modern management methods, and updated trainings of the personnel in recent years have enabled ALFAKONDORI Machine Manufacturing Company to progress very fast, and find its place as a first-ranking competitive group in foreign and domestic markets.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Ideal: premiere in the manufacture of ice cream machines with the capacity of competing at international level. 
  2. Mission: designing and manufacturing of ice cream machineries using modern technologies, innovations, and creativity of human force, as well as developing this industry for achieving profitability in both foreign and domestic markets as deemed fit.
  3. Corporate ethics:
    • Guarantee the survival of the company by customer satisfaction
    • ¬†Observe trustworthiness, honesty, fairness, and transparency in dealings with beneficiaries,
    • Creating balance between needs and expectations of beneficiaries.
    • Control and management of the development of communication with customers and on-time obviation of needs
    • ¬†